Marshall Class 5 Valve Amplifier $250.00 This is a great amp if your looking for that authentic tube sound. Made in England. This is the updated model that includes a "headphone jack and low power mode. This is a very loud amp with or without the "low power mode"
EQA GN exotic ash acoustic electric guitar by Dean. I bought it new around 5-6 hundred 6 years ago. Still plays great but I broke a string recently so it's missing bottom E string. Also noticed a small split on the back of the neck (shown in picture above) doesn't effect playability at all. Beautiful guitar!! Also comes with a black cloth case.
Line 6 Spider II 30 watt practice amp. Great condition, lots of effects. Everything works.
I am selling my brand new 15 Woofer it was going to be use for Guitar cabinet that I had, I end up buying something else.
Wii console and cables Remote charging station 19 games Wii Fit balance board Rock Band drum set, guitar and microphone 2 controllers 2 steering wheels Cabela's Big Game Hunter with shotgun Cross posted
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